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Prochoice Vs Pro Abortion.

About 4 or 5 days ago I was driving home on a rather high traffic street when I seen all of these people standing on both sides, holding signs.

Now I could tell that they were protesting but, it wasn't until I got a little closer that I could read the signs.

* Abortion Is wrong

* What About the Children

* Jesus Saves

* Don't Send Your Soul To Hell

Now, what made me the most upset was the fact that they not only had men holding these signs but, children and elderly individuals as well.

I have to make myself very clear before we move on.... I am NOT promoting Sin... I AM NOT promoting abortion.. I am simpily saying you have the right to have options as a woman!

What gives people the right to stand outside on Gratiot Ave. and tell you that if you have, know someone who has had or, are thinking about having an abortion you're going to hell.

Why would thay have men standing outside as if they know what it is like to carry and birth a child???

Why would they try that guilt crap with having children hold those damn signs????

Do you not know that this is an option for a reason?

It gives women the choice to take control over situations that we once couldn't think twice on.

What about the many women who are victims of rape- No option huh?

What about the women who have been victims of molestation- still not up to them huh?

What about the little girls who were following the bad examples that were before them.. or the peer pressures of the school system.

Nah huh.. she can't get a say.

What about the women who are at risk health wise? Just die and someone else will take care of the baby right?

That's completly BRBARIC!

Now, I know some people form an opinion about the other type of women who take the trip to the clinic.. the ones who bed hop and go every 3 months. Maybe you should consider birth control and/or locking those legs but it's still her CHOICE to go!..

And is that your business people on Gratiot Ave?


God has flipped the script long time ago and given us all this gift called Choice.

Know that I'm saying that as a good thing with big responsibilities.

If you choose to have sex and you by chance get pregnant.. then you decide to terminate the pregnancy... That is what you decide but, you better talk to God because it's between you and him. You have to deal with the aftermath.

If you were a victim of somethig horrific and conceive a child... or risk losing your life... and you decide that this is not what you want to do right now. That's all you but, you sitll have to deal with God! Not Me for you, I can't go to him on your behalf like "Well Lord what had happened was"... not poppin' off.

Correct me if i'm wrong but, I have never seen anywhere in the bible that said "The people on Gratiot Ave. are perfect and without sin.. Listen to them".

I also haven't seen a chapter that reads "If you do this sin you're for sure on a highway to hell".

Chances are those people have committed their fair share of mistakes and they have no room to judge.

What I do know is this.. The Lord forgives us, he HAS to get annoyed with us all the time but, he is patient.

When we screw up we go to him and tell him all about it and ask for guidance. Just as an earthly parent, he will direct us and give us what we should do and then from that point we make a choice!

Moving forward, If you continue to make the same choice and he's instructed you otherwise, he could get less gracious, patient and, forgiving.

Ex- You've over drafted your bank account. You know that you didn't have the money to make that purchase but, you had to pay the taxes on the house. The bank may refund the fee and you would just have to get your account back in good standing with the money you owe.

You are instructed on what you can do to avoid this again.

A few years later, you make the same mistake... the Bank says Ok.. you've been responsible for the last few years we can reverse the fee again, we get it, stuff happens. We go over options again and your taught how you can avoid this situation.

Next week you overdraft because you wanted some shoes...

Then days after that you overdraft because you seen a cute lawn chair on the home shopping network..

Then the next day you are out to eat with friends and put it all on your card because it was your turn.

You try to come see me at the bank and ask me if im reversing anything, you can kiss that dream goodbye. Your account will go to collections Bye.

(I hope that makes sense)

While I have never seen anyone I know personally run out of grace.. It can happen.

Motherhood is not for everyone. I didn't think it was for me either and sometimes I still don't think i'm doing a good job.

I learned a long time ago that the choices that I have made (and will make) will affect my children. We don't live bad however, I want them to have the best so that's motivation.. some women fold under that pressure. (And that's Ok adoption is an option too!)

To sum this up

Dear People in society today,

Stop FORCING your beliefs and stuff on others. Stop trying to take away the rights and options of women because, as far as I'm concerned we make the world go round.

If you don't agree with the decisions that we make for ourselves.. understand that we don't care.. and it is none of your damn business to begin with.

Don't send others to hell for... well anything! Know your place.

Keep the children and the elderly out of this!

Grow up and find a new way to reach the women of this day and age because, that was childish.

If you see that someone is going through a tough time and have to make a rough decision about carrying a child.. Pray for them and let someone higher up take care of that..

kick rocks,


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