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  • Courtney Bowie

One in a Million

Now that you've had the chance to meet her understand why you couldn't keep her.

The fact that she's like no other should've opened your eyes to the other side.. but instead you played blind and missed the signs

that you had a precious jewel the finer things in life.. someone who wanted to be with you forever you know.. be your wife.

Even when you hit the bottom and fell all the way off..

She never judged you..

she cried..

and dusted you off.

When you were tired form the late nights and early mornings..

She prayed that God graced you with a second.. just a moment..

to sit down and hear him to get the clue.. on what it is.. whats next.. what you're suppose to do to direct the family they looked up to you.

Inetead of seeing her for who she is.. the person she's becoming.. the friend, the lover, the fighter and, woman..

You threw her to the side and when asked why your response "You Changed"

Man she could've died.

Do you know that nothing is the same as it was..

Not you're Financial status

Not you're humbleness

Not you're mindset

Not you're love

Everythig had conditions.. everything had a price.. nothing was valuable to you anymore.. not her mind, body or, life.

She can't believe that you thought that you could judge her like you did.

Telling her all of what she wansn't and then bringing back "Old Friends"

Telling your family half truths and letting them come to their own conclusions

Not defending her honor

Not being the Man to Your Woman.. Who gave you everything she had, children included

and all you can say is what you did all the time and what she wouldn't.

She admitted she lost her way in the relationship most times

because of the scale being off balance most days she felt like she couldn't survive.. because the man that she loved didn't realize that she was one in a million.. He didn't know what gifts she had yet to birth.. She's more then a body that bears children.

All of those arguments when you told her those evil things

it was God waking her up.. fixing her up.. showing her the truth .. exacly what was up

She was afraid that if she didn't walk this way or talk this way that you wouldn't see her anymore

She was stagnant.. She was stuck.. She was broke.. She had given up..

But one day when she saw that picture you posted online.. when she saw those statuses.. and those little white lies..

She decided to let it go and understand the facts

She had you.. She did.. and you let go and that was that.

She picked up her life

and put her cape on her back

and realized just how Dope she is.. not fiction thats facts!

She's flawed with the most beautiful flaws

You can't duplicate another woman with her passion

Another woman with her heart

The life of the party

You know that certain spark..

A mother that panics about all the things she can't control

She's a Blessing not a burden

She's a Gift

yet her story is untold

She enjoys the simple things in life and the complex things too

She's one in a million

Definitely the one not the two.

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