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New Shoes

I don't know if you all know this but, I'm a stone cold.. top notch mad emo mom.. everything that has to do with these kids makes me major amounts of emotional all day (they may need to give me a pill to fix that lol)

I just needed you all to know that before I got into my story.

Lyric Faith, to some they may know her as Your Majesty, will be One in a few days.

She is my smallest and boldest child. We share a special bond for a few different reasons and she holds a special place in my heart because of that (I don't have a favorite child she's just the newest lol).

She just decided that she wanted to walk last week. So at 11 months she got up (nervously) and started walking. She had no walker at my house and she had no shoes so, I was geeked.

Well, because she decided that walking was the next milestone I figures this was the best time to take my baby shoe shopping.

We went to a store called "Shoe Strings" and they treated her like a little lady.

The lady measured her feet (3.5) and the went to pick out a few options in Lyric's size.

Now I know what I was going in the store for.. the ugly white walking shoes. You know the high top ones that supports the ankles and cost 50.00 (insert eye roll) but, the styles I seen! I really wanted to get her soemthing stylish but, I had to keep this tradition going.

I let her walk around the store and I'm telling you I almost cried. This time last year I was walking her down and trying to get the Dr.'s to underestand that I was not getting a C-Section.. now she's walking and clapping and trying to keep up with her brother and sister.

So, I asked the sweet lady helping us to put back the low tops and grab the Stride Rite shoes from the back and she came out with the ugly white shoes.

I put them on my baby's feet and tied them up tight. They were a little heavy and strange for her and I could tell she didn't like them. How? you may ask. Well, because she said "Off mama OFF"! Lol, the funniest thing I've heard.

I have to do this thing with her to get her comfortable with things where I show her that I do it too. So I said "Mommy has shoes and I walk everywhere with them". I walked away and put my arms out for her to come to me. She got down and crawled lol.

I bought the shoes and she wore them out of the store. I can tell that she was nervous and, she didn't want to fall. I really have been getting her comfortable with the shoes by keeping them on even when she asks me to take them off. She still hates them however, she's getting use to them.

I didn't think that she would be walking because of how she gets treated around here. She's seriously the Queen.

I'm so excited for her and scared for myself. We all know what walking means... tearing my house up!

All of my kids have done it so I'm not going to even play myself by thinking it would be any other way.

It's something about the last kid and them moving along through life like they don't care you want them to stay a baby.

Lyric is not in a rush to grow up. She has been THE baby and that is my favorite part about being her mommy. I get to enjoy her every step of the way.

With the other kids I don't know why but, I felt like I was rushing. There are some things that I should have taken less seriously so that I could've just enjoy being their mom.

This time around I've learned my lesson and I'm so happy to say I enjoyed this event.

It was a big step..

She is about to be a big girl..

She is beautiful..

She is smart..

She is my third times a charm.

If you want to experience the personal and excellent treatment of "The First Pair of Shoes"

Check this place out. I loved it.

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