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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

By Sarah Jakes..

I read this book about a year ago and, I had to go back and look throughh it again.

This book was a perfect depiction of what it means to be a Pastor's daughter (well daughter period) and not wanting to make a mistake because, it can reflect on your Parents. Then everything falls apart spirals out of control and blows up in your face anyways!

Now I'm the daughter of a Pastor and Co-Pastor and I hated every second of that (sue me). I didn't like the fact that all eyes were on me and I didn't want them to be. I wasn't in the mood to be at church every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and back on Sunday to do it again. That took over my childhood and left me no room to even figure out who I was. I really feel like that is the cause of a lot of the mistakes that I've made in my young adult life.. but that's for another time though.

I found out that I wasn't the only one who felt like something was missing in my life and I tried to fill it with everything I wasn't ready for. No, I 've never been married but, I do have children and have been in some similar situations.. bout ready to ram into the back of a truck or two my dog on self. (but God)

This book not only gave me hope for my future but, it was an inspiration to my situation now. It's for a woman like me who is searching and working to fulfill my purpose even when I don't know what that purpose is fully.

This book is REALISTIC!

This book is easy to read it's not all deep to where you have to get your bible and dictionary (I hate those).

This book made me sad, it also made me laugh and think.

At the end I had a new appreciation for my own walk in life and spiritual journey..

This book gave a good reference to sisterhood and motherhood (A bond that couldn't be broken).

Lastly, it was a good view of how family will be there for you when you fall right on your face.

**I do have Sarah's newest book "Don't settle for safe" and I'm excited to read what new gems she's giving away.**

I give Lost and Found five stars and if you're a person like me who gets anxiety when you fail and have to start over... get the book!

It is availible on Amazon and Kindle..



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