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Before it gets dark.

If you're a Mother (Or Woman in general) and you're anything like me... nighttime is when the mind games start.

Let me help you understand why darkness is the enemy.

Busy woman time themselves (or at least I do). It's like you feel you haven't accomplished anything if you don't finish your To Do List before that specific time hits that clock. So, when it's dark and you're about to pass out for the night.. why do you feel so stressed and behind? That's because your life's a mess Sis.

Remember!! this is a test to see if I can get my life in order so, I will come back every other day with an update.

For the most part my List of things to do is standard working mom stuff;

* Work

* Cook

* Clean

* Give the kid that smells the worst that day a bath (Lol)

* Budget

* Homework with the kids

* Laundry

* Dishes

and then you have the things that are geared towards you more so;

* Pray

* Eat

* Shower

* Read

* Write

So this is my plan... Social media is taking over my life. I'm going to cut that down... not off because it's my platform for reaching people and promoting myself but, it needs to be cut back.

I honestly feel like i'm missing out on life because of the fact that i'm addicted to the scroll; so two hours a day. I feel like this is enough time for me to laugh, stay current, promote my brand and blog and socialize. (If adjustments need to be made then I'll do that)


I honestly I have a really really realllllly hard time staying focused and completing one task at a time.

So if you're anything like me... let's focus on doing things piece by piece. When I take on to many tasks my anxiety takes over and then I have 13684753145869 half done things (That's ANNOYING and I don't know why I do this to myself).

So, for example, If I'm cleaning the kitchen... and I see something out of place.. I won't take it to it's rightful place and then start cleaning that room -- leaving a half cleaned kitchen. I don't know what that's called but, I call it me making a bigger mess (Insert EYE ROLL!). This has to freakin' stop.


I have to work on being patient with the kids and teaching them how to do things instead of me saying "Never-mind I got it".

This is the part of parenting that takes skill. Again, you heard me say I need to work on this right... that means I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. All I know is the first thing I will be teaching is "T.j. get the gloves and come clean this pee up off the floor" (Insert another eye roll).

I will say this, I have taught Dill how to load the dishwasher and she is starting to get comfortable with loading the washer and dryer.

T.j. knows that his plate goes in the sink and Lyric knows that food doesn't go on the floor so... she eats it all before I can get the broom.

What I'll be teaching them for the next 30 days is to clean up those rooms before bedtime. We won't go to bed with messy rooms because, in my opinion, that makes for a hecktic morning.


Time management with life.

This is probably my worst trait. I get so side tracked that I'll literally walk in circles and pace when I feel like to much time has gone by and, I have so much to do and, I don't know where to start.

So along with me focusing on one task at a time I will keep a timer.

Setting a timer for an hour or thirty minutes per task will help keep me moving.

I really think this can help with the kids too because, they're picking up some of my traits. If we can cut the bad habits now then we may make it thorough the fall being a happy family lol.


Phone on silent.....

If you know me.. like really know me.. you would know that I have no problem with cutting my phone off.

for the last 3 years my phone has been set to go on Do Not Disturb from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. everyday.

This started because I had a new baby and I was trying to get some sleep.. Now it's just my house rule. So, I need to honor that rule and seriously be relaxing and getting ready for bed (Or writing).


Keep the schedule.

I need to make a weekly schedule and stick to it. This will include anything the kids are involved in and time for myself.

Since I'm building a brand and trying to work on my makeup artistry, I need time to practice and build!

A strict schedule is necessary for this one. I'm getting a planner.. and the calendar in my phone will be my second tool. I will get the kids a calendar and make a Chore Chart so that they can stay organized. Now that school is in I seriously need to pull it together.

It's nights like this (it's now 11:55 p.m. 9/6/2017) I'm up, looking at all the stuff that I haven't done. Oh please don't worry all this crap will be piled up waiting for me in the morning lol.

I hate going to bed like this but, I'm a mess without sleep.

(So that means I've been a mess for .. how old is Dill 8? Yes 8 YEARS!)

So Recap

In order to not let your anxiety eat you alive because it's now dark and you have done 1 of 5588554896211 things on your list we will

1. Cut back on social media

2. Focus on one task at a time

3. Be PATIENT and Teach the kids so that they will be able to help us

4. Put the phone on silent.. Focus.. Rest

5. Keep your schedule as best as you can


6. Pray! This new journey needs to have the proper foundation. Pray for strength... we're gonna need it.

All of these things are just tips that I feel like will help me.. and any woman like me. So feel free to email me and let me know if this is helping you!

If you don't get it all down PERFECTLY in 10 seconds don't beat yourself up! It's all about progress not perfection.

We seriously are bomb.

Remember that,


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