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Attempt #3

Shutting out all the noise is helping me with my progress in this journey to becoming a better mother.

So I'm 0.001% better then I was last week lol. I've cooked all week (I won't be cooking today for sure), put all of my kids in the bath, I've made sure the dishes were washed by the morning and, I've even made breakfast like real breakfast (once lol).

Now, let me be transparent a little bit.

I am horrible with time management. I seriously can't understand how to kill my anxiety to focus. I get side tracked... I try to get the last 5 minutes of sleep and it turns into an hour.. I try to short cut as much as I can... I let stuff get so far behind and then panic when I realize just how out of control it is. I'm a real mess lol..

My Brain-

I let my thoughts take over all the time, that's the part that distracts me the most. I don't know how to let things go like I should and, I dwell. So what I did this week was pray and sleep. It's easier said then done however, it can be done.

The thing about that is you really have to pray and let it be. Picking the situation back up again is not going to help you sis.

Trust me when I tell you it sooooo won't.

So when I felt behind, down, anxious, upest, sad, mad and even when I was happy.. after I accepted my feelings I would pray and sleep.

Try It. A clear mind can help you focus.

Also my reasons for being side tracked..

I have had some phone conversations that lasted like 4 hours (that would be me and my step mom lol) and that would throw me off.. even after our chats I've managed to get myself together. Sorry to say the kids are not in the mood for me and all of my changes and I still say so what lol. Dill has been doing a good job at keeping her room semi-together this week and T.j. has done really well with not getting pee on the bathroom floor.

Lyric just started walking! That is the complete highlight of my life at this moment... almost her 1st birthday and she is ready for the world for real now.

To recap and wrap up this short and sweet post..

I Ms. Bee, am the worst at time management. I also am horrible at letting my mind rest. So this coming week I will continue on working on shutting out the noise. I want to keep my schedule and create the chore chart for the kids ... and mommy.. to stay on task.

I am not ready to add anything to the list just yet so, let's master this.

I forgot to mention I've been doing all of this and working..... Everyday! yup.. that part.

So yes not ready to add anything else. I want to do this one thing at a time and hopefully it will stick.



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