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Ok, so remember I was talking about how I was going to be this amazing Mother and Woman and I was going to get organized and stuff....

(Needless to say I failed lol)

So, let's debrief.

First of all I suck. I think that my attention span has decreased half of the size it use to be because GIRL!

I can not keep up with doing one thing at a time for nothing.


I had cut my phone on silent and put it in the back for one day.. I was very productive and then I realized I was giving 100% of myself to work. I panicked and almost lost my life. The next day I was back to my usual self with the occasional Instagram break and I had to check my makeup and take a few selfies. For that reason alone... I get a F.

After Work-

I got a F- lol.

I finally get home took off my shoes and sat down.. I thought about dinner and said to myself "Hmmmmm do we really need to eat today we literally just did that yesterday"? The answer was yes because, each of my children would have stabbed me dead if I didn't make some type of meal chile, so I cooked and washed the dishes. I cut on music and got carried away with acting like I was in a music video. Sooooooo that 2 hours meal prep, cook, and clean up time turned into 4 hours and then it was bed time.

My kids have this thing where they act like they don't know when it's bedtime and, they act like I'm not going to act like a crazy trying to rust them to bed.. so I look at the clock after my A and B selection with the Clark sisters...and soon realized it was 9:45!

They were LIT! I mean LIVE and, I was the ring leader lol. So, I turned into mom and cut the music off like please go to bed.. it's late and everyone has to get up in the morning. Do you know T.j told me no! and yelled NEVERRRRRR! (As he ran to the back of the house to cut on the t.v. and continued on with his life.) At this point I was really considering cutting the power off in the whole house but, I digress. I sat in the room with him and waited until he fell asleep.

I could've taken a shower but then I looked at the clock again and it was after 11 p.m. so I panicked and was like "Jesus it's way past my bedtime" so I didn't.

The only thing that I stuck to was that phone going on silent at 10.

When I tell y'all this is about to be the journey of a lifetime... You have no idea! I have to break some annoying habits.

The thing is I'm really redoing everything. I have never lived alone and it's almost been a year however, I am not use to this at all! I still be acting like someone is going to come in here and take out the trash or run the dish washer. Not the case and the fact that I'm so backwards it causes the kids to be like "Girl you straight tripping", so pulling it together is a MUST.

So, New Plan!

Instead of me doing everything at once, I will master two things at a time becaause I will DIE if I try cold turkey again.

First things first focus on the cutting off the social media and adding prayer time.

That will free my agenda and I feel like I will trick myself into being more productive because, I have no damn choice! lol.

So tomorrow... 2 hours of social media... that's It.. I mean it.

Pray for me

I Need IT,


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