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In a world full of perfection, there seemed to be no place for women who aren't always polished so...THIS is that place! This is the place where you will find all of the things no one else will say because they are too busy being perfect. This is where you can come to laugh, cry, relate, release, learn, and grow. This is a raw, judgment-free zone. This is THEBEECODE!

TheBeeCode is a blog that illustrates girl code for the flawed and imperfect millennial. Our goal is for readers to enjoy life and grow together. Throughout this blog, we will enjoy cooking together, makeup tutorials, fashion, everything that mothers won't say, reading, relationship advice, and self-care adventures. With that being said, happy reading!

Meet Courtney


CourtneyBee is a young professional, community activist, and mother. From the time high school ended, she has been trying to find her way in the world. Being a mother her entire adult life made her feel like she had no room for error having to sacrifice her social life, hobbies, and dependence. Trying to finish a degree, work, and raise children, Courtney lost her way.

To her surprise, the experience wasn't her being lost but was instead her being birthed into her purpose.

Now a mother of 3, Courtney has grown to accept her flaws and 

let go of the desire to be perfect. In turn, this growth has lead her to happiness and peace. She created TheBeeCode for women just like her who are looking for everything that they think they're missing. She truly believes that this outlet is the perfect way for women to grow together.

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